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Where Clubbing Meets Fitness

Clubbercise Classes: Welcome


The famous UK Group Fitness Class in a Nightclub Setting

No need to feel self conscious when you join a Clubbercise class, we workout in a nightclub setting which means it is dark so you can get your GLOW on with confidence!  First class trial is just $5 and includes your glowstick hire!


CLUBBERCISE - a group fitness class in a darkened nightclub setting with club lighting, and our branded LED battery operated glowsticks! A fusion of dance, aerobic, combat and toning moves to a playlist of the best Club Anthems from the 90’s till now!

There is nothing like a bit of club therapy to give you a glow that will carry you through the week!

Relieve stress, reminisce over the best club anthems, catch up with your club buddies and lose yourself on the dance floor

Clubbercise is your Happy Hour, the ultimate "Me-Time"

Clubbercise is exercise in disguise!

Make Clubbing your new Cardio!

Clubbercise Classes: Activities
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